BR 6MT Clan Class Loco Add-On
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Availability Currently available on Steam
Features 6MT Clan and Mark I coaches
Scenarios 3 Career
Price £7.99
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Ten locomotives were constructed between 1951 and 1952, with a further 15 planned for construction. However, due to acute steel shortages in Britain, the order was continually postponed until it was finally cancelled on the publication of the 1955 Modernisation Plan for the re-equipment of British Railways.

The Clan Class was based upon the Britannia Class design, incorporating a smaller boiler and various weight-saving measures to increase the route availability of a Pacific-type locomotive for its intended area of operations, the west of Scotland. The Clan Class received a mixed reception from crews, with those regularly operating the locomotives giving favourable reports as regards performance. However, trials in other areas of the British Railways network returned negative feedback, a common complaint being that difficulty in steaming the locomotive made it hard to adhere to timetables.

Reports exist that suggest a degree of the disappointment with these locomotives was attributable to their being allocated to Class 7 (fully fitted freight at 60 mph) work where they were only a Class 6 in reality (fully fitted freight at 45 mph); a problem put down to their very similar appearance to the BR Standard Class 7. The Clan Class locomotives took their names from a previous class that was being withdrawn from service at the time, indicating further their intended area of operations. The class was ultimately deemed a failure by British Railways, and the last was withdrawn in 1966. None survived into preservation.

Rolling StockEdit

  • BR Standard Class 6MT in British Railways green
  • Mark 1 coaches in maroon


All scenarios are for the Western Lines of Scotland route

  • Night Train to Dumfries - You will be running a passenger service from Carlisle to Dumfries, with three scheduled stops at Carlisle, Annan and Dumfries. As this is an early morning service, traffic is light.
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • [6MT Clan] Unlikely Replacement: Part 1 - Due to an earlier failure with the booked Black 5, you will be running a replacement locomotive on this service in the form of a 6MT Clan. Part 1 will have you running between Stranraer and Newton Stewart.
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • [6MT Clan] Unlikely Replacement: Part 2 - With the first part of this service complete, now it is time to continue down to Castle Douglas in Part 2.
  • Duration: 65minutes
  • Difficulty: Medium


Name Description Image
6MT Clan: Welcome to the Clan
Awarded for driving the 6MT Clan in Quick Drive. Achievement image Train Grey
6MT Clan: Full Steam Ahead
Awarded for driving the 6MT Clan for 6 hours. Achievement image Handshake
6MT Clan: Unlikely Replacement: Part 1
Awarded for completing scenario “Unlikely Replacement: Part 1” without penalties. Achievement image A+
6MT Clan: Unlikely Replacement: Part 2
Awarded for completing scenario “Unlikely Replacement: Part 2” with at least 900 points. Achievement image Medal 900
6MT Clan: King of the Clan
Awarded for achieving a score of 2400 across all three career scenarios. Achievement image Firework


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