9F Evening Star RailWorks Add-on
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Availability Discontinued
Scenarios 4 Standard
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The Class 9F was the last in a series of standard locomotive classes designed for British Railways during the 1950s, intended for use on fast, heavy freight trains over long distances.

It was one of the most powerful steam locomotive types ever constructed in Britain, and performed its intended duties successfully until withdrawal. 92220 Evening Star was the last steam locomotive to be built for British Railways, and the only steam locomotive earmarked for preservation from the date of construction.

For Train Simulator, the 9F Evening Star add-on was developed by Iron Horse House and initially released through Steam and later withdrawn. It comes with scenarios for the Somerset & Dorset Railway, Great Western Main Line, and East Coast Main Line.

Rolling StockEdit

  • 9F 2-10-0
    • 92220 Evening Star in British Railways lined green
    • British Railways black with double chimney
    • British Railways black dirty with single chimney
  • BR 1J and BR 1F tenders in matching liveries


  • [9F] Pines Express - Starting from Evercreech Junction you are in charge of the last ever northbound Pines Express. Emulate the achievements of Peter Smith as you attempt to take this record load of 426 tons unaided over the Mendips to Bath.
    • Date: 1962
    • Rating: Very Hard
    • Duration: 55 minutes
    • Season: Autumn
    • Start Location: Evercreech Junction
    • 9F Livery: BR Green 92220 Evening Star
  • [9F] Summer Saturday - Bath Green Park is busy with locomotive movements. It is essential that you follow the instructions for the AI to carry out their complex manoeuvres, before setting out with a heavy train for Templecombe.
    • Date: 1962
    • Rating: Hard
    • Duration: 100 minutes
    • Season: Summer
    • Start Location: Bath Green Park
    • 9F Livery: BR Green 92220 Evening Star
  • [9F] Red Dragon - Your task is to take preserved 9f Evening Star on the Red Dragon re-enactment preservation special from Didcot to Paddington.
    • Date: February 1981
    • Rating: Easy
    • Duration: 60 minutes
    • Season: Spring
    • Start Location: Didcot Parkway
    • 9F Livery: BR Green 92220 Evening Star
  • [9F] Iron Awe - More complex operations. You are in charge of the banking loco of a very heavy iron ore train. Follow the on screen instructions and watch your speed as the brakes are barely able to cope.
    • Date:FFebruary 1965
    • Rating: Hard
    • Duration: 50 minutes
    • Season: Autumn
    • Start Location: Dunston Staithes
    • 9F Livery: BR Dirty 9F single chimney



Summer Saturday

Summer Saturday