AP Station Pack
AP Station Pack Steam header
Availability Formerly available from Steam and Derek Siddle's own website
Features Numerous scenic assets and buildings for free use
Scenarios None
Price Free

The AP Station Pack, also known as the UK Buildings Model Pack and sometimes Railworks AssetPack01, is a freeware collection of assets created by Dovetail Games developer Derek Siddle for use in free community routes.

The pack has many lofts, scenic items and buildings intended for use around British railway station scenes. It was formerly available as a free download from Steam before removal in 2012, and on Derek Siddle's personal website, but is now only available with certain route purchases.


Track InfrastructureEdit

  • Diesel refueling point
  • Swing-top water refueling point
  • Pumped water refueling point
  • Coal bunker


  • Medium sized coal stage
  • Large coaling tower
  • 20 assorted station platform and foundation filler blocks
  • Modern engine shed
  • Old engine shed
  • Old goods shed
  • Assorted fencing pieces
  • Elements to build a small foot crossing
  • 4 large station canopies
  • Depot inspection pits
  • Wooden & brick station buildings
  • 5 metal footbridges
  • Assorted station shelters
  • Small & medium signal box
  • Retaining walls
  • Water tower


  • The Steam DB number assigned to the package is 24086.

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