The Class 166 is a British diesel-multiple unit, originally ordered by British Rail and is now in use with First Great Western on services out of London Paddington.


The units were built to replace elderly Class 117, Class 119 and Class 121 "Heritage" DMUs, and locomotive-hauled trains on services from London Paddington along the Great Western Main Line. The trains were designed as a faster, air conditioned variant of the Class 165 Turbo, intended for longer distance services, and, like the 165s, belong to the Networker family of trains. They were originally known as Networker Turbos to distinguish them from the electrically propelled members of that family.

These units are a modification of the Class 165 design. They have a top speed of 90 mph (145 km/h) (suitable for mainline use), are carpeted throughout and have air-conditioning. Externally, the class 166 can be distinguished from a Class 165 by having a first class section at each end of the train, and opening hoppers on every other window.

Train SimulatorEdit

It was one of the default trains included with Rail Simulator and Train Simulator 2012. It is currently available in the European Loco & Asset Pack in the following liveries:

  • Network SouthEast (with "Turbo Express" route branding)
  • Thames Turbo
  • First Great Western 'Dynamic Line'

The London to Brighton add=on also includes a 166 in First Great Western 'Dynamic Lines' livery.


Class Consist Number Range
166/2 DMCO - MSO - DMCO 166201 - 166221


Although texture files for the Class 166's destination boards exist, inputting them in-game does nothing, perhaps owing to limitations at the time.