There are some things in Career Scenarios you want to do different than your usual driving style. A few of them are explained in the two part video below, but feel free to edit this site to add tips on your own!

  • Drive as fast as you can, you actually can go 0.9 mph above the speed limit which will give a few extra seconds - but be careful not to overspeed, you'll loose a lot of points
  • Brake as hard as you can without triggering that bouncing ball thingy as late as you can, same for acceleration. Maximum possible, regardless if its realistic or not.
  • Passenger scenarios: be sure to stop your train completely within the station, at least all passenger cars need to be along the platform for maximum score
  • Steam locos: use the manual fireman
  • For maximum score you will need to repeat the scenarios more than once to get to know the signals, speed limits, brake points, etc.

thumb|left|400px|Guiding you through Hedborough North "Ready to depart" - Part 1thumb|left|400px|Guiding you through Hedborough North "Ready to depart" Part 2