BR Castle Class Loco Add-On
BR Castle Class Loco Add-On Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features Castle Class in British Railways green
Scenarios 2 Training

2 Standard/Career

Price £11.99
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The GWR 4073 Class or Castle class are a group of British steam locomotives of the Great Western Railway. They were originally designed for working the company's express passenger trains on the Great Western Main Line.


Train SimulatorEdit

For Train Simulator the Castle Class was developed by Dovetail Games and published through Steam. It was released on the 3rd of July 2014.

Rolling StockEdit

  • Castle Class in British Railways express green
  • Collett 4000 gallon tender in Early BR and Late BR liveries
  • Mark 1 coaches in Chocolate & Cream
  • A version Of The Castle Class was released on the 5th/1st of November 2015 as a TS rewards reward that has a Double Chimney and has 6 Headboards( Torbay Express x2,The Mayflower x2, and The Cornish Riviera Express x2),The Email Code is the only known way to obtain this variant.


As well as lamps, the Castle Class also has headboards which can be changed either during gameplay or in the Scenario Editor. Using the key combinations CTRL+6 and CTRL+5, the player can cycle through the headboards. Each headboard has a corresponding Train Reporting Number, one for the Up Direction (travelling towards London) and one for the Down Direction (travelling away from London).

For those creating their own scenarios, it is also possible to set the headboard by changing the 8th character of the locomotive number with the appropriate letter within the scenario editor.

For example, if the locomotive is to be numbered 4082 and it is a class A train with the Torbay Express headboard for a Up Train, then the value to set in the loco number is 4082a##2A. If the locomotive is to be numbered 5089 and it is a class A train with the Capitals United Express headboard for a Down Train, then the value to set in the loco number is 5089p*#DA.

Headboard Name Direction Number
No Headboard N/A 0
Torbay Express Down 1
Torbay Express Up 2
The Mayflower Down 3
The Mayflower Up 4
The Cornish Riveria Down 5
The Cornish Riveria Up 6
The Inter-City Down 7
The Inter-City Up 8
The Cathedrals Express Down 9
The Cathedrals Express Up A
The Bristolian Down B
The Bristolian Up C
Capitals United Express Down D
Capitals United Express Up E


All scenarios are for The Riviera Line: Exeter-Paignton

  • Training: Castle Class Simple Controls - Learn to drive the Castle Class using simple controls.
  • Training: Castle Class Expert Controls - Learn to drive the Castle Class using expert controls.
  • Cornish Castle - Low water and bad weather spoil Beverston Castle's railtour. Can you make it to Exeter on time?
  • The Torbay Castle - The Dawlish Sea wall gives a good chance to try out Nunney Castles new livery. But can you cope with the pressures of scheduling on the modern Railway?

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