This is what the default perspective in the cab view of the BR101 is:


ignore the arrows in the top, they were meant for something else ;-)

Now some people may find the perspective and viewpoint a bit out of place. Let's see what we can make out of it:


changed camera perspective

To actually change the perspective you need to find and open this file:

...\Assets\Kuju\RailSimulator\RailVehicles\Electric\BR101\Default\CabView\br101 cab camera.bin

All locomotives with a cabview will have such a file, although they may be named a bit different or lay in a different folder, seems different developers have different styles here.

When you open it you will find at the very top these first values:

<X d:type="sFloat32" d:alt_encoding="000000A09999E13F" d:precision="string">0.5500</X>
<Y d:type="sFloat32" d:alt_encoding="0000004033330740" d:precision="string">2.9000</Y>
<Z d:type="sFloat32" d:alt_encoding="0000004033331D40" d:precision="string">7.3000</Z>
<X d:type="sFloat32" d:alt_encoding="0000000000000000" d:precision="string">0.0000</X>
<Y d:type="sFloat32" d:alt_encoding="0000000000000000" d:precision="string">0.0000</Y>
<Z d:type="sFloat32" d:alt_encoding="000000000000F03F" d:precision="string">1.0000</Z>

These first lines describe the camera position after you press the 1 key or choose the corresponding icon from the F4-table. The position is handled through 3-dimensional position relative to the middle axis of the locomotive. X-axis is the place on the middle axis, Y-axis is the height above the tracks and Z-axis is the offset to the left or right. This point is assigned through the 3D model and there is no way to change it, and it can be difficult to find out where exactly it is positioned. To adjust the values here is always a bit trial and error.

The second paragraph <cameraDirection> is for the zoom feature. The values there are not absolute positions but describe movement from the "1" point, usually it just zooms into the front screen, but you could adjust it to also go up or down.

The third paragraph is <windowCameraOffset> and determines the position you move to after pressing the left or right arrow key on your keyboard, or the "alternate view" button on the F4-panel. It works exactly as above, the <windowCameraDirection> is once again for the zoom feature.

Now what do you need to change to get the view as on the second picture? Pick those:

<X d:type="sFloat32"d:alt_encoding="000000403333E33F" d:precision="string">0.7</X>
<Y d:type="sFloat32" d:alt_encoding="0000006066660640" d:precision="string">2.8</Y>
<Z d:type="sFloat32" d:alt_encoding="0000006066661C40" d:precision="string">7.1</Z>

As you see the camera sits a bit more left (X-axis), a bit lower actually (Y-axis) and lot more back in the loco (Z-axis). But these little adjustments make all controls visible in the cab per default and generates a better overview of the cab.