The Class 03 was one of British Rail's more successful 0-6-0 diesel-mechanical shunters. 230 examples were built by British Railways' Swindon and Doncaster Works from 1957 to 1962.

Class 03 Doncaster Works


The Class 03 was built for light duties where a larger locomotive was not needed, especially for shunting at locomotive and carriage depots and as station pilots. As the nature of the railways changed, they often became unneeded and so a great many were withdrawn or sold to private owners. Two Class 03s on the Isle of Wight lasted until 1993, one of which - 03 179 - was re-instated into service by WAGN at their Hornsey depot, which is featured on the East Coast Main Line London-Peterborough route.

Train SimulatorEdit

The Class 03 can be found in the following DLC.

Doncaster Works Route BR Blue/Wasp Ends - Weathered
WSR DIesels Loco BR Green/Wasp Ends
BR Blue Pack Loco BR Corporate Blue/Wasp Ends - Clean

Driving the Class 03Edit

The Class 03 has gears.

Gear 1: 4.0 miles-per-hour
Gear 2: 7.0 miles-per-hour
Gear 3: 10.0 miles-per-hour
Gear 4:
Gear 5: