The Class 08 is a class of British diesel-electric shunting locomotive. The Pioneer Class 08 (D3000) was built in 1952 although it did not enter service until 1953. Production continued until 1962; by which point 996 locomotives had been produced, making it the most numerous of all British locomotive classes.

Despite mass withdrawal due to the changing nature of British railway operations, many remain in industrial or network use. It's estimated over 100 locomotives remain working on industrial sidings and on the main British network, while over 60 have been preserved by heritage railways and trusts.


Train SimulatorEdit

Both and Iron Horse House have produced Class 08s. DTG have created 2 class 08's. The pack with the EWS and Frieghtliner 08, and the black class 08 that comes with the Woodhead Route.

Route AvailabilityEdit

As the standard BR general-purpose diesel shunter, almost any duty requiring shunting would involve a Class 08. The class became a familiar sight at many major stations and freight yards. Since their introduction, though, the nature of rail traffic in Britain has changed considerably. Freight trains are now mostly fixed rakes of wagons, and passenger trains are mostly multiple units, neither requiring the attention of a shunting locomotive. Consequently, a large proportion of the class has been withdrawn from mainline use and stored, scrapped, exported, or sold to industrial or heritage railways.

Hence the shunter is at home at practically any BR Blue era route, but may be non-existent or very rare on modern lines. Depots and freight yards are generally a good place if any for them.

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