Strathclyde 101 packEdit

Strathclyde Class 101 DMU Add-On
Strathclyde Class 101 Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features Class 101 in Strathclyde Passenger Transport livery
Scenarios 1 Training

2 Standard/Career

Price £4.99 (part of TS Classics range)

Formerly £11.99

Directory RSC\Class101Strath
Link Steam logo Here!

The Strathclyde Class 101 DMU Add-On includes three scenarios (one training, two standard/career) for the West Coast Main Line North addon.

Rolling StockEdit

Class 101 in Strathclyde Passenger Transport livery



Destination BoardsEdit

Destination Destination
a Paisley Gilmour Street n Middlesbrough
b Glasgow Queen Street o Stanraer Harbour
c Charter Special p Manchester Piccadilly
d Croy q West Hartlepool
e Edinburgh (Waverley) r Whitby West Cliff
f Larbert s Not in Service
g Glasgow Central t Weston-super-Mare
h Stirling u Bristol Temple Meads
i Falkirk Grahamston v Warrington Central
j Motherwell w Wolverhampton
k Kirkcudbright x Watford Junction
l Lanark y Kirkby Stephen
m Carstairs z Sc

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