BR Class 117 DMU Add-On
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Availability Currently available on Steam
Features Class 117 in BR Green
Scenarios 2 Training

2 Career

Price £11.99
£2.99 (Marketplace Reskins)
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When first introduced, these three-car units were all based with the similar Class 121 units on British Railway's Western Region for suburban work out of London Paddington, as well as South Wales.

Each three car set featured standard seating driving vehicles with a composite and lavatory intermediate trailer. Initially they were built without inter-vehicle gangways, but in 1965 they were retrofitted.

Following the sectorisation of British Rail in the late 1980s, Provincial Services, later Regional Railways, took over the Scottish, Welsh, Cornish and Birmingham units while the Southall based units transferred to Network SouthEast.

They were replaced on services out of Paddington when the Class 165 'Network Turbo' units came into service in the early 1990s, but they soldiered on in the former Western Region until Class 150s and Class 153s were made available. In Birmingham, they were replaced in 1995. The Scottish units survived until the turn of the millennium when Class 156s and Class 170 DMUs replaced them, and the last 117 was replaced on Silverlink's inner-London services in the year 2000.

Owing to their longevity and easy-to-maintain nature, many have found their way into preservation. Indeed, the one included with the add-on is based on the resident 117 at the West Somerset Railway.

Rolling StockEdit


Class 117

  • British Railways Green with Speed Whiskers
  • Network SouthEast (Marketplace)
  • British Rail Blue (Marketplace)


All scenarios are for the West Somerset Railway route'

  • Simple Controls Training: Class 117- A short tutorial on operating the Class 117 Passenger Train.
  • Start Location: Bishop Lydeard
  • Expert Controls Training: Class 117 - A short tutorial on operating the more advanced controls of the Class 117 Passenger Train. This tutorial will include changing cabs and operating the gears.
  • Start Location: Bishop Lydeard
  • Summer Set for Tourists - Drive a Class 117 from Williton to Bishops Lydeard in hot weather conditions. Tourists will be at each station to watch this service pass, following its restoration.
  • Start Location: Williton
  • Duration: 35 minutes
  • A run for Williton - Run a Class 117 passenger service from Minehead to Williton, stopping at all stations on the way.
  • Start Location: Minehead
  • Duration: 45 minutes


Name Description Image
Class 117: Class 117 Driver Training
Completed scenario “Expert Controls Training: Class 117”. Achievement image Mortarboard
Class 117: Class 117 Driver
Driven one mile in the Class 117. Achievement image Train Grey
Class 117: Main attraction
Completed scenario “Summer Set for Tourists” with at least 750 points. Achievement image Crowd
Class 117: Class 117 Veteran Driver
Completed all career scenarios in this pack. Achievement image Through The Roof
Class 117: Williton Bound
Completed scenario “A run for Williton” with at least 700 points. Achievement image Sunrise or Sunset


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