Network SouthEast Class 121 DMU Add-On
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Features Class 121 in Network SouthEast livery
Scenarios 2 Training

2 Career

Price £11.99
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The Class 121 “Bubble Car” is a single-unit diesel multiple unit, based on the Class 117, of which sixteen were built in the 1960s. They had a top speed of 70 mph and had slam-doors, as many "heritage" DMUs did.


All scenarios are for the Great Western Main Line.

Training: Class 121 Simple & Expert ControlsEdit

You will be shown how to drive a Class 121 DMU.

This will include: How to operate geared rolling stock; picking up passengers; safety systems; and stopping at signals.

[121] Tourist ShuttleEdit

Run one of the hourly shuttles from Oxford station, down to the festivities at Didcot, before returning north again to complete your duty.

Hi Driver, today we are running one of the special shuttle services that Oxford Tourist Board have requested to help with Didcot Railway Centres’ open day. Due to the summer season, the only train available is one of the last remaining Class 121 ‘Bubble Cars’. Run this service down to Didcot and then back to Oxford on a return trip.

[121] No Go for GreenfordEdit

Head to Paddington in one of the last remaining Class 121s. Difficulties occur when you return to West Ealing, as you are not certified to carry on down the Greenford branch line. Another driver will take over from this point.

Branch lines operated by the Class 121 shuttles are dwindling fast. Take one of the last remaining ‘Bubble Cars’ down to Paddington then back down to West Ealing. This service is Greenford bound, but you are not certified to use this branch line. Another driver will take over at West Ealing.