Class 150 DMU Add-On
Class 150 Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features Class 150/2 DMS and DMSL units in 7 different liveries
Price £11.99
Directory Thomson_Oovee\Class150Pack01
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Eighty-five Class 150/2 "Sprinter" diesel multiple-units were built by BREL York to replace aging first generation multiple-units. The Class 150/2s differed from the /1 subtype owing to their front-end gangway connections. They are used more on longer-distance services.

These units were all built as two-car sets, numbered 150201-150285. Each unit is formed of two driving motor vehicles, one of which contains a lavatory.

For Train Simulator, the 150/2 was developed jointly by Oovee Entertainment and Thomson Interactive being released onto Steam in 2011.

Rolling StockEdit

Class 150/2 DMS + DMSL

  • Anglia Railways
  • Arriva
  • First Great Western
  • London Midland (Old Centro livery)
  • Northern Rail
  • Regional Railways

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