The British Rail Class 17 (also known as the Clayton Type 1) was a low-power mainline Bo-Bo diesel-electric locomotive, of which 117 were built between 1962 - 1965 by the Clayton Equipment Company and their sub-contractor Beyer, Peacock & Co., for British Railways.

Class 17
Class 17 profile
Availability Discontinued
Features Class 17 in three liveries and working headcode boxes
PCV wagons
Scenarios None
Price Unknown
Directory IHH\Class_17


They had an incredibly short life, owing to their now infamous unreliability which cemented them as a failure, and were quickly replaced by Class 20 locomotives. Withdrawals began in July 1968 and the final locomotives were withdrawn in December 1971, although D8521 and D8598 lasted at Derby Research Centre until 1978, and D8568 worked privately until being put up for sale and subsequently preserved in 1982.

For Train Simulator, the Class 17 was developed by Iron Horse House and was distributed through their website. In June 2014 Engine Driver announced that the British Rail Blue variant would be released on the Marketplace[1]

Rolling StockEdit


Class 17:

  • British Railways green,
  • British Rail blue
  • Ribble Cement


  • PCV Cement Wagons