The Class 22 or "Baby Warship" was a class of diesel-hydraulic locomotives designed for the Western Region of British Railways and 58 were built by the North British Locomotive Company. The first, D6300, was introduced to traffic in 1959 and deliveries continued through until 1962.

Class 22
IHH BR Western Diesels Class 22
Availability Formerly available from Iron Horse House
Features Class 22 in two liveries
Scenarios None
Directory IHH\Class 22


The majority of the class always operated in the West of England, on a range of local passenger and freight work, with smaller numbers of the later units operating on local work in the Bristol and around London Paddington (notably moving empty carriages between the main station and Old Oak Common yard).

By 1961, reliability had improved, but with the more powerful Hymeks and Warships now being available, the locomotives were displaced onto more secondary duties, including work on the former Southern Region lines west of Exeter.

Train SimulatorEdit

For Train Simulator the Class 22 was developed by Iron Horse House, released as part of the BR Western Region Diesels pack. It came in two liveries: BR Green and BR Blue, both with pre-TOPS numbering. The locomotives included in the pack were intended for AI running and so uses aliased sounds and cab view.


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