BR Class 27 Loco Add-On
Class 27 Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam

Formerly available from IHH

Features Class 27 in BR Green

Mk I Coaches in Maroon

Scenarios 2 Training

2 Career

Price £7.99
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The Class 27 is the TOPS code allocated by British Rail to 69 diesel locomotives built by the Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company (BRCW) during 1961 and 1962.

Original allocations were D5347 - 5369 to Glasgow Eastfield, D5370 - 5378 to Thornaby and D5379 - 5415 to London Cricklewood for Tilbury Boat trains and Cross-London freight services. In the period September to December 1963, some of the Cricklewood allocation were transferred to Leicester and in December 1965 the Thornaby allocation was also nominally transferred to Leicester to join them.

For many years they were extensively used on the West Highland Line. Its final working was on 13 August and the loco was officially withdrawn on 19 August 1987. The Class 27s were actually outlived by the older Class 26s, whose less powerful engines were more reliable.

The model was produced by and was formerly available from IronHorseHouse in a variety of liveries, before Dovetail Games purchased the license for it and redistributed the Class 27 on Steam with minor updates in one livery.