First Capital Connect Class 319 EMU Add-On
First Capital Connect Class 319 EMU Add-On Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features Class 319/3 in licensed FCC livery
Scenarios 2 Training

2 Career

Price £11.99
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The Class 319 is a British dual-voltage electrical multiple unit built specifically for the Thameslink route between Bedford and Brighton.


Typical of EMUs built in the 1980s, the Class 319 was built by BREL York between 1987 and 1990 for north-south cross-London services from Bedford to Brighton, entering revenue-generating service in 1988. The four-car units were able to run on both overhead electrification – on lines north of Farringdon - and third rail pick-up, for lines south of Farringdon.

Two sub-classes were originally built and over the years, the 86 trainsets have been refurbished, creating five sub-classes in total, of which four still exist. Following privatisation of British Rail, the fleet was divided between two operators, Thameslink and Connex South Central; in 2006, First Capital Connect took over the Thameslink franchise and in late 2014 GoVia Thameslink Railway now run the franchise.

Train SimulatorEdit

For Train Simulator the Class 319 was developed by Dovetail Games and published through Steam, released on 14 March 2014. The exact subclass modelled is a 319/3, which has no first class section. In 2015 the Class 319 was bundled with the Midland Main Line: London to Bedford route add-on.

The Class 319 add-on boasts an officially licensed First Capital Connect livery. It has a fully detailed cab interior with cab lighting, a working cab fan similar to that on the Class 143, two-tone horn, opening cab windows, cab window blind, a day-night running light selection, very well detailed passenger view with window reflection, and a Driver Vigilance Device. The Class 319 is also Quick Drive compatible.

Two training and two career scenarios for the London to Brighton route are also included.

Rolling StockEdit

  • Class 319 in licensed First Capital Connect livery.
    • Driver Trailer Standard Open (DTSO)
    • Motor Standard Open (MSO)
    • Trailer Standard Open (TSO)






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