RSC's Class 321Edit

First Capital Connect Class 321 EMU Add-On
Class 321 Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features Class 321/4 in First Capital Connect livery
Scenarios 2 Training

2 Standard/Career

Price £11.99
Directory RSC\Class321Pack02
Link Steam logo Here!

The Class 321 from RSC was originally going to a Greater Anglia livery with scenarios for the GEML London - Ipswitch route, but when the ECML London - Peterborough route came out, RSC's offering changed to a First Capital Connect 321 with scenarios for that line. This explains why the directory is "Class321Pack02" rather than "Class321Pack01".

Rolling StockEdit

Class 321 DTCO - TSO - MSO - DTSO

  • First Capital Connect livery (licensed)


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