Class 325 EMU Add-On
Class 325 Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features Class 325 in third rail / overhead configurations
Scenarios 3 Standard/Career
Price £11.99
Directory RSC\Class325Pack01
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The Class 325 is a 4-car dual-voltage electric multiple-unit designed and used for postal services. 16 units were built at ABB Derby between 1995 and 1996. They are very similar to Class 319 units, sharing the same traction equipment and body design, but are fitted with cabs of the same design as the ABB Networker family.

For Train Simulator, the Class 325 comes with some interesting features: roller shutters, roller container mailbag trolleys, pantograph spark. Owing to game limitations, passengers still board/alight the train when stopping at a station.

Rolling StockEdit

Class 325 in generic "Mail Express" livery



Have you been good?Edit

"The Santa Special service, take a 12 car unit stacked full of Christmas presents from Shieldmuir to Carlisle, begin by taking the empty s tock from Polmadie to the RMT."
— Scenario description

Route: West Coast Main Line North
Date: 24th December 1990
Rating: Easy
Duration: 90 Minutes
Weather: Overcast with Snow

Northern Mail MaintenanceEdit

"Weekend permanent way maintenance has left Motherwell Station closed. After dropping our Christmas parcels at Shieldmuir we need to get to Polmadie, somehow."
— Scenario description

Route: West Coast Main Line North
Date: 1st December 2000
Rating: Medium
Duration: 45 Minutes
Weather: Heavy Rain

Recorded DeliveryEdit

"Take a Class 325 unit from Carlisle to rescue another 325 that has become stuck in snow at Lockerbie. "
— Scenario description

Route: West Coast Main Line North
Date: 21st December 2000
Rating: Medium
Duration: 70 Minutes
Weather: Night-time Rain

Turning PointEdit

"Today you are rostered to take a pair of Class 325 mail units from Polmadie to Mossend. Unfortunately, there has been a points failure at the East end of the depot, so a rare run into Glasgow is required first!. "
— Scenario description

Route: West Coast Main Line North
Date: 9th December 2008
Rating: Hard
Duration: 45 Minutes
Weather: Mild Haze

Night Time PostEdit

"At night, the postal service is at its busiest as the various sorting offices around the country prepare for morning deliveries. You are in charge of the 1S96 16:25 Willesden - Shieldmuir service from Carlisle during the dead of night. It is due to be a non-stop trip to Shieldmuir, but it is cold and wet so you must ensure the mail arrives at its destination on time!"
— Scenario Description

Route: West Coast Main Line North
Date: 3rd March 2010
Rating: Hard
Duration: 70 Minutes
Weather: Storm Clouds and Rain

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