The Class 35 "Hymek" is a mixed traffic diesel-hydraulic locomotive built for British Railways in the early 1960s.


The class was developed for the Western Region of British Railways, which had opted for lightweight locomotives with hydraulic transmission. 101 examples of the class were built between 1961 and 1964 by Beyer Peacock (Hymek) Ltd.

Class 35 DTG Riveria Line

The Hymeks were initially employed on secondary passenger services based around Bristol, such as Paddington to Hereford and semi-fast services to the west of England and Wales. Once they had proved themselves more than capable of handling these duties, they displaced King-class steam locomotives on express services out of Paddington to Swansea and Cardiff. As these duties were heavier than anticipated, the Hymeks were displaced when Western and Brush Type 4 locomotives became available to allow accelerated timings.

They were allocated to Bristol Bath Road, Cardiff Canton, and Old Oak Common. None of the class was named. Withdrawal from service began in 1971, and was completed by 1975. Four examples have survived into preservation, including D7017 and D7018 at the West Somerset Railway.

Train SimulatorEdit

For Train Simulator three variants of the Class 35 have been released:

Iron Horse House released a Class 35 as part of the BR Western Regions Diesels AI traffic pack in four liveries. After purchasing IHH's catalogue, Dovetail Games overhauled the model and released it on Steam in one livery only.

Freeware producer Richard Scott (RScott) has also developed a Class 35, which is included in the UKTrainSim freeware UK Classic Diesel and Electric pack.

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