Class 455 EMU Add-On
Class 455 Steam header
Availability Currently on Steam
Features Class 455 in three liveries (BR Blue/NSE/SWT (unbranded)

4 scenarios

Price £11.99
Directory Thomson\Class455Pack01
Link Steam logo Here!

The Class 455 is a third rail British electrical multiple unit introduced in the 1980s for inner suburban work in the south of England.

For Train Simulator 2014, the Class 455 was developed by Thomson Interactive and released on Steam with three liveries - these liveries being British Rail Blue & Grey, Network SouthEast and an unbranded South West Trains livery.

Destination BoardsEdit

Second Mans Side Above Driver Second Mans Side Above Driver
a Not in Service Blank Screen A Wimbledon Via Richmond 14
b Aldershot Direct B Windsor & Eton Via Richmond 21
c Ascot Direct 14 C Windsor & Eton R Via Richmond 32
d Basingstoke Direct 18 D Woking Via Richmond 47
e Chessington Direct 19 E Special Via Richmond 58
f Chessington Sth Direct 21 F Charter Via Richmond 68
g Clapham Direct 23 G Sorry Via Richmond 89
h Clapham Junction Direct 42 H Empty to Depot Via Surbiton 10
i Dorking Direct 58 I Race Special Via Surbiton 30
j Effingham Jct Direct 68 J Havant Via Surbiton 42
k Epsom Via Brentford 13 K Fratton Via Wimbledon 17
l Guildford Via Brentford 57 L Portsmouth & SS Via Wimbledon 18
m Hampton Court Via Brentford 87 M Portsmouth Hbr Via Wimbledon 32
n Haslemere Via Brentford 89 N Blank Screen Via Wimbledon 19
o Horsham Via Brentford 99 O Blank Screen Via Woking 73
p Hounslow Via Chertsey 14 P Blank Screen Via Woking 75
q Kensington Via Chertsey 98 Q Blank Screen Via Weybridge 14
r Kingston Via Cobham 42 R Blank Screen Olympia
s Reading Via Epsom 15 S Blank Screen Junction
t Shepperton via Epsom 16 T Blank Screen Special
u Staines Via Epsom 17 U Blank Screen Charter
v Strawberry Hill Via Hounslow 13 V Blank Screen Not in Service
w Twickenham Via Hounslow 99 W Blank Screen For Cleaning
x Waterloo Via Kingston 21 X Blank Screen For Servicing
y West Croydon Via Kingston 24 Y Blank Screen Race Special
z Weybridge Via Kingston 32 Z Blank Screen Rugby Special



Name Image Developer Description Requirements Link
Class 455 South West Trains (early) Armstrong Powerhouse A reskin of the 455 in early South West Trains livery. *AP27: London to Brighton Scenario Pack (1999-2005) Purchase here £4.99
Class 455 Connex South Central Armstrong Powerhouse A reskin of the 455 into Connex's distinctive yellow and white livery. *AP27: London to Brighton Scenario Pack (1999-2005) Purchase here £4.99
Class 455 Southern Armstrong Powerhouse A reskin of the 455 into Southern's livery with logo. *AP Class 455 Sound Pack Purchase here (£4.99)


Name Image Developer Description Requirements Link
AP Class 455 Sound Pack Armstrong Powerhouse Sounds recorded from a real Class 455 and carefully engineered. Purchase here (£4.99)
Class 455 NS nschichan Accurate scripted camshaft & series wound motor simulation
Four step reverser
DRA on by default at start-up
Destinations blinds changed in-game
AP Class 455 Sound Pack Download here

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