The Class 456 is a British electrical multiple unit constructed for London inner suburban services in the early 1990s.


Class 456 South London Lines

24 two-car units were built by BREL York between 1990 and 1991 for the Central Division of Network SouthEast, replacing the aging Class 416s (2EPBs) operating inner suburban services out of London Bridge and London Victoria. The 456s usually worked alone, in pairs, or in conjunction with Class 455s.

Upon the privatisation of Britain's railways, the entire Class 456 fleet passed into the South Central franchise, which was originally won by Connex South Central. Only one unit, No. 456024, was repainted in white and yellow Connex livery, when it was named Sir Cosmo Bonsor. The rest of the fleet remained in NSE livery.

Connex lost the franchise to South Central in 2001 (later rebranded Southern in 2004) and the fleet stayed in those liveries until summer 2006 when the fleet started to be repainted into Southern green.

The units ended their career with Southern in 2013, as their operations on its Metro routes have been replaced by Class 455 and new 377/6 units and sent off to be prepped for service with South West Trains. In early 2014 SWT introduced units on Alton workings, still resplendent in Southern green.

Train SimulatorEdit

For Train Simulator, a freeware Class 456 was developed by nicwisz and a Class 456 is going to be included with the upcoming South London Network route.

They are suitable for use on the London suburban lines (East Croydon - London Victoria/Norwood Junction) London to Brighton and South London Network in scenarios set pre-2013. On peak workings they could be seen working with Class 455s.


Class Number Built Consist Number Range DMSO carriage numbers DTSO carriage numbers
456/0 24 DMSO - DTSO(L) 456001 - 456024 64735 - 64758 78250 - 78273

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