BR Sectors Class 56 Loco Add-On
BR Sectors Class 56 Loco Add-On Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features Class 56 in Railfreight Sectors livery
Scenarios 2 Training
2 Career
Price £11.99
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BR Sectors Class 56Edit

Following the acquisition of most of Iron Horse House's library, Dovetail Games brought the model up to modern standards and improved the exterior modelling. Features include cab and instrument lighting, two-tone horn, driver vigilance device, engine shut down/start up procedure and slow speed control.


All scenarios are for the West Coast Main Line North route:

Training: Class 56 Simple & Expert ControlsEdit

You will be shown how to drive a Class 56 Diesel Locomotive.
This will include: how to couple up to wagons; safety systems; and stopping at signals. Don't worry though, all will be explained at a comfortable pace.

[56] Heavy GoingEdit

With a heavy load of coal from Ravenstruther, you are driving a Class 56 diesel locomotive in a 'double headed' formation. Starting at Carstairs, you will take this service as far as Lockerbie.
You are currently waiting in the up loop at Carstairs to allow an express passenger service to pass. Once this train has passed and you are given the signal, you can proceed on your journey.

[56] Ready for RepairEdit

Following the earlier failure of a Class 47 locomotive at Carstairs whilst hauling wagons for repair at Hamilton, you have been sent from Mossend in order to rescue the failed train and complete the journey.
Having arrived at Carstairs, you are now ready to couple to the stricken locomotive. Once this is done, you will be able to proceed to the wagon repair complex near Hamilton.


In Detail BR Sectors Class 5601:39

In Detail BR Sectors Class 56

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