Freightliner Class 57/0 Loco Add-On
Freightliner Class 57 0 Loco Add-On header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features Class 57/0 in licensed Freightliner livery
FEA-B wagons
Numerous maintenance scenery assets
Scenarios 3 Standard/Career
Price £4.99
Link Steam logo Here!


In 1997 the FOC (Freight Operating Company) Freightliner placed an order for an initial six Class 57/0 locomotives. The first of these was released in July 1998, and coincided with the unveiling of the new British Racing Green Freightliner livery. After an evaluation period Freightliner was sufficiently impressed to order a further six in June 1999, with plans for an eventual fleet of twenty-five. However, in the event no more were rebuilt, with Freightliner switching to new-built Class 66s so the fleet of 57/0s stayed at twelve.

The Freightliner fleet saw use over a wide area, serving locations such as Ipswich, Southampton, Birmingham, Cardiff and Leeds. The introduction of the class resulted in the replacement of the Class 47 locomotives on most long-distance intermodal trains. Freightliner named all its locomotives, with examples such as Freightliner Pioneer and Freightliner Phoenix.

In 2007, Freightliner started to replace its Class 57/0s with new Class 66 locomotives. Initially six Class 57/0s (the second batch) were returned to Porterbrook, and leased to Direct Rail Services in July 2007.[30] Of the original six, three also went to Direct Rail Services and two to Advenza Freight in January 2008. The remaining Class 57/0 was sold to West Coast Railway Company in January 2011.

Currently Direct Rail Services operate nine locomotives with West Coast Railway Company operating the other three.

Train SimulatorEdit

For Train Simulator the Freightliner Class 57/0 add-on was developed by Oovee Entertainment and published by through Steam on 14th February 2014. The price was £11.99 on release but since the add-on was added to the TS Classics range, the price has fallen to just £4.99.

The add-on features illuminating dial and cab lights, train length system, working roof fans, dynamic exhaust smoke, Driver’s Vigilance Device, Advisory Notification System, and scenery assets including temporary speed restriction boards, emergency indicator boards and temporary AWS magnets.

The locomotive is also Quick Drive compatible.

Rolling StockEdit

  • Class 57/0 in Freightliner licensed livery
  • FEA-B wagons with a range of sixteen different variants.


All scenarios are for the Edinburgh - Glasgow route and also require the Settle to Carlisle route add-on to play. They are unlocked in sequential order.

  • [FL 01] Morning Containment
  • [FL 02] Ex-Grangemouth
  • [FL 03] Shunter

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