Class 57 Rail Tour Loco Add-On
Class 57 Rail Tour Loco Add-On header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features Class 57/0 in Rail Tour Maroon
Mark 1 coaches
Numerous scenery assets
Scenarios 6 Standard/Career
Price £11.99
Link Steam logo Here!


The West Coast Railway Company (which the Rail Tours Company in this pack is based on) operates railtours for enthusiasts and tourists across the country with their own locomotives and rolling stock painted in a distinctive maroon livery with yellow branding.

West Coast Railway Company purchased the prototype passenger locomotive 57601 from Porterbrook, taking delivery in December 2003. In January 2011, WCRC purchased 57001 from Freightliner from Porterbrook and 57005 from Advenza Freight, followed in April 2011 by 57006 from Advenza, with 57001 and 57006 returned to service and 57005 stored at Carnforth. In January 2013 57313-316 were purchased from Porterbrook, making West Coast Railway Company the only company to operate all three class 57 sub-types. These have had their Dellner couplings removed.

The West Coast Railway Company currently operates:

  • Three 57/0s (57001, 57005-57006)
  • Four 57/3s (57313-57316)
  • One 57/6s )57601)

Rolling StockEdit

  • Class 57/0 in maroon Rail Tours Company livery (ersatz West Coast Railway Company livery).
  • Mark 1 coaches in maroon Rail Tours Company livery (ersatz West Coast Railway Company livery).
    • First Open (FO)
    • Tourist Standard Open (TSO)
    • Restaurant Mini-Buffet (RMB)
    • Brake Standard Open (BSO)

Scenery AssetsEdit

  • Temporary Speed Restrictions
  • Portable AWS Ramp
  • Emergency Indicator


All scenarios are for the Settle to Carlisle route add-on.

  • Early Birds
  • Southern Bell
  • Special Request
  • The Statesman Duplicate
  • Stuck in the Middle
  • The Scottish Original

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