The Class 60 was the last mainline diesel locomotive built in the UK and Class 60s are still giving sterling service hauling heavy freight.

Joining the other Advanced locomotives in the range, the Class 60 employs extensive ActivScript technology to provide many realistic and accurate operations exclusive to Just Trains add-ons. Thanks to ActivScript technology, the Advanced range provides immersive features such as advanced operating controls, realistic systems and authentic sounds.

If you just want to jump into the cab and use the TS2014 HUD controls, they have supplied an easy-to-use Switcher tool to allow you to swap quickly and easily between the simple HUD controls and operating the Advanced controls directly in the cab.

A set of popular liveries is included and also six exciting custom and Free Roam scenarios, some of which require additional routes.

The Class 60 Advanced comes with a set of Just Trains Mk1 coaches with passenger view and leaking steam heating effect when used with a steam loco such as the Just Trains Standard 4MT Advanced.

liveries include:


British steel




FW & S (EWS)





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