EWS Class 67 Loco Add-On
EWS Class 67 Loco Add-On Add-On Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features Class 67 in DB Schenker silver and commemorative Jubilee livery
Scenarios 1 Free roam
5 Standard
Price £11.99
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Rolling StockEdit

  • Class 67
    • EWS Maroon
    • EWS Executive silver
    • Royal Claret
    • DB Schenker liveries
  • Mark 1 full-gangwayed brake in NEX postal livery
  • Mark 3 SLEP in unbranded early Caledonian Sleeper livery


Free roamEdit

  • Serving at the Oak - Old Oak Common frequently provides servicing and light maintenance for visiting Class 67 locomotives. Several examples are on offer at the depot today. Take them for a drive in this free roaming scenario


  • Post Haste - As night falls over London, the postal system kicks into action. Tonight, you shall be utilizing a Class 67 on a 2250 Paddington - Plymouth mail. You will have a crew change at Reading. No delays are reported, so we should be in for a good nights running. Good luck.
  • Military Orders - A regular Class 66 turn is the Marchwood MOD military trip working from Didcot Yard. Today, traction is a Class 67. You are required to work the train from Didcot Yard to Reading Triangle, where a new crew will take over. Good luck.
  • Rising Star - Engineering works have resulted in the Caledonian Sleeper service from the Scottish Highlands being terminated in Paddington. Today, with a train shorter than standard (16 coaches), you shall work from Reading - London Paddington on the final leg of the trip. It is 0515 on a snowy morning, so concentration is a must! Good luck.
  • Foot-Ex - The Class 67's perform regular duties for special trains heading to sporting and cultural events. Today, the FA Cup Final is taking place between Stoke City and Manchester City. You are working the 1Z25 Stoke-on-Trent - Wembley Central special, conveying Stoke City fans for the cup tie. Starting at Oxford, call at Reading, Slough and Ealing Broadway. You will have a crew change at Ealing Broadway for the leg to Willesden Junction and Wembley Central. Good luck.
  • Special Delivery - Constant movements of refurbished HST Mk3 stock have been taking place as stock is sent to and from Laira, Plymouth. Today you shall be taking a refurbished set from a crew change at Didcot Parkway, to Old Oak Common. A Royal Class 67 is motive power for today. Good luck.

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