EWS Class 92 Loco Add-On
EWS Class 92 Loco Add-On Steam header
Availability Currently on Steam
Features Class 92 in EWS livery
Megafret container wagons.
Scenarios 2 Training
2 Career
Price £11.99
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The Class 92 (or CC 92000 when operated by SNCF) is a British dual-voltage electric locomotive designed specifically to operate services through the Channel Tunnel between France and Britain, and is a common sight along the West Coast Main Line.


Forty-six locomotives were built by a consortium of Brush Traction and ABB Traction, entering service between 1993 and 1996. The bodyshells, shared with the Class 60 diesel locomotives but with a modified front end, were delivered in the then standard British Rail two-tone grey. The grey circles on the side reflect the locomotive's connection to the Channel Tunnel.

The locomotive is dual-voltage capable with the ability to run either on 25 KV AC overhead or 750V DC third rail, a common form of electrification in South East England. It can run up to 87 mph (140 km/h).

The majority of the class are named after European composers and writers. Post-privatisation the ownership was split between EWS, European Passenger Services (Eurostar (UK) and SNCF, the French state operated railway company. Currently they are operated by DB Schenker and GBRF/Europorte 2.

The class is also notable in that the last train ever to travel under British Rail, the 2315 service from Dollands Moor to Wembley on 21 November 1997, was hauled by 92003 Beethoven

Train SimulatorEdit

For Train Simulator the Class 92 was developed by Dovetail Games and released through Steam on March 6 2014. Ian Bishop assisted with the rolling stock audio.

Rolling StockEdit

  • Class 92 in EWS livery (two-tone grey with EWS sticker)
  • Megafret container wagons


  • Simple & Expert Controls Tutorial: Class 92 - Learn about operating the class 92 using simple and expert controls. The controls will be explained before you will be instructed to drive the train out of Carlisle Station. Don't worry, everything will be explained at a comfortable pace.
  • Express Freight - Drive a Class 92 on a short freight service to Mossend Freight yard. Take the last section of the 12:16 Carlisle N.Y. to Mossend Down Yard Freight service. You will need to wait for a late InterCity service to pass before leaving, and then run all the way to Mossend.
Duration: 60 minutes
  • Electric Troubles - Drive a freight service to Carstairs. Drive the 10:32 Coatbridge F.L.T. to Crewe Bas Hall S.S.M as far as Carstairs where another driver will take over. There has been mention of a slow running Service to London Euston that has had problems ahead. In addition, you will be hauling a damaged Class 92.
Duration: 40 minutes


Name Description Image
Class 92: Class 92 Driver
Driven one mile in the Class 92. Achievement image Train Grey
Class 92: Fast Freight
Reach 80 miles per hour in the Class 92 Achievement image Speedometer
Class 92: Employee of the month
Completed scenario “[92]Electric Troubles” with at least 700 points Achievement image A+
Class 92: Express delivery
Completed scenario “[92]Express Freight” with at least 750 points Achievement image Containers
Class 92: Class 92 Driver Training
Completed scenario “Training: Class 92 Expert Controls Tutorial” Achievement image Mortarboard


  • Despite being released as the EWS Class 92, the manual calls it the Class 92 Railfreight. Indeed, the images of the 92 within show the initial development screenshots in bare Railfreight livery without the EWS sticker.

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