DB BR423 EMU Add-On
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Scenarios 2 Training
2 Career
Price £11.99
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The Class 423 is a German electrical multiple unit designed for the S-Bahn commuter networks.


Built over a nine year period from 1998 and a top speed of 140km/h (87mph), the 423 is an ideal high capacity multiple unit to operate frequent stopping services on S-Bahn routes across Germany’s main city and countryside regions. In total, 462 units four car units were built by Adtranz/Bombardier, ALSTOM and ABB.

The unit similar in size to the Class 420 DMU (which is its predecessor) but benefits from being lighter and from having one large passenger compartment as opposed to that of the Class 420 which is divided into three. They can commonly be found on the S-Bahn networks in German cities, such as Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

A Class 423 EMU comprises four cars which share three Jacobs bogies, meaning the cars can only be separated at maintenance facilities. The two driving cars are each designated Class 423 and the two inner cars are designated Class 433. The Class 423 EMU typically runs as either the four-car set, or as two four-car sets coupled together.

Train SimulatorEdit

For Train Simulator the DB Class 423 was developed by and published through Steam with scenarios for the Munich - Augsburg route. The DB Class 423 is available in Deutsche Bahn red livery and can boast an internal passenger view, functioning SIFA driver vigilance system, PZB90 warning system and LZB in-cab signalling.

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