This is a list of the default content included with versions of Train Simulator before TS2013. With the exception of the Super Express Concept (which is no longer available and is replaced with the Class 801), all content listed is available in the European Loco and Asset Pack and the US Loco & Asset Pack. Every yearly release from TS2013 now includes different default content.

Routes (Pre-2013)Edit

Oxford – Paddington, UK, 2006, 6 scenarios
York – Newcastle, UK, 1978, 8 scenarios
Hagen – Siegen, Germany, 1998, 10 scenarios
Bath – Templecombe, UK, 1955, 8 scenarios
Barstow – San Bernardino, US, 2005, 11 scenarios
Hedborough North, UK (fictional), 1968, 5 scenarios
Seebergbahn, Germany (fictional), 2009, 5 scenarios
Castle Rock Railroad, US (fictional), 2009, 7 scenarios
TestTrak, based upon the locomotive testing facility in Wildenrath, Germany, 3 scenarios

Locos (Pre-2013)Edit


UK US Germany
Class 37 "Growler" EMD ES44AC V200
Class 43 / Intercity 125 "HST" EMD SD40-2 "Road Switcher" Baureihe 294
Class 47 "Duff" EMD F7 A & B Unit
Class 55 "Deltic"
Class 166 "Turbo Express" (DMU)


UK US Germany
Black 5 4-6-0 -- Baureihe 52 DR/ÖBB
S&D JR 7F 2-8-0


UK US Germany
Super Express Concept -- Baureihe 101
Baureihe 143
Baureihe 151

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