Norfolk Southern SD45 High Hoods Loco Add-On
Norfolk Southern SD45 High Hoods Loco Add-On Steam header
Availability Currently on Steam
Scenarios 4 Standard
Price £11.99
Directory DTM\SD-45-NS
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The EMD SD45 is an American six-axle diesel-electric locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division.


Built between 1965 and 1971, the EMD SD45 was most at home hauling high-speed freight and intermodal services, although could occasionally be seen at the head of some passenger services. More than 1,200 models were built and operated services for a number of US railroads, although their reliability issues make them a rare sight today.

Train SimulatorEdit

The EMD SD45 for Train Simulator, developed by DigitalTrainModel and published through on Steam, is available in Norfolk Southern, Southern and Norfolk & Western liveries, and features five new freight wagons, including Airslide Hoppers, 50ft Boxcars, 52ft Gondolas with three loads, and Caboose. A feature of the Norfolk & Western EMD SD45 are fully functioning dual controls, which allow the driver to operate the locomotive in either ‘long hood’ direction or ‘short hood’ direction.

Rolling StockEdit

  • EMD SD45
    • Norfolk Southern
    • Southern
    • Norfolk & Western
  • Airslide Hopper in Norfolk Southern livery
  • Boxcar 50ft in Norfolk Southern and Southern liveries
  • Gondola 52 ft with three loads: lumber, metal and pipes, in Southern livery
  • Caboose in Norfolk & Western liveries


  • Nap Time - You are at Johnstown waiting to leave South Fork. You are to take a freight train with two SD45 locomotives. Once in South Fork you will need to sort wagons in to different sidings and then leave your engines in Siding 1.
  • Turn in Slope - You are working at Slope this morning and after turning the engine on the turntable you will need to move some wagons to different sidings. The weather is bad but it shouldn’t interfere with your work.
  • Lost Among Wagons - You need to assemble a consist according to each wagon type tonight and then put the completed train in a siding ready to depart. You must finish before 8am.
  • Too much rain and too few wagons - Take this train consisting of an SD45 and an SD40-2 with a few wagons that must be delivered as soon as possible. You will need to make a detour to Lilly to pick up some more cars along the way. It’s raining, so you may find the sander helpful.

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