European Loco & Asset Pack
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Default in Train Simulator 2012 and RailWorks
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The European Loco & Asset Pack, also known as the European Community Asset Pack, refers to assets that were included as a core part of RailWorks and Train Simulator 2012, but not with any subsequent versions of Train Simulator.

However, it is included for free with a great number of routes for post-Train Simulator 2012 users, meaning players will almost never need to purchase this pack.

As it is just an asset pack, no scenarios or routes are included with it.

Rolling StockEdit





  • Mark 1 coaches (BG, FK, SK)
    • Southern Region green
    • BR Blue/Grey
  • Mark 2 coaches (BSO, SO, FK)
    • BR Blue/Grey
  • Mark 3 HST coaches
    • BR Blue and Yellow
    • InterCity Swallow
    • First Group "Barbie"
    • First Great Western

  • Avmz
  • Bimz


  • HAA coal hopper
  • HTA coal hopper
  • FSA wagon
  • 5 plank wagon
  • 7 plank wagon
  • 10t brake van
  • 16t mineral wagon
  • Cattle truck
  • Milk tank
  • TTA liquid tank
  • Standard van

  • Eanos x052
  • Kkt
  • Ktmm
  • Shimmns
  • Ssylms