Southern Pacific GE 44 Loco Add-On
Southern Pacific GE 44 Loco Add-On Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features GE 44-ton switcher in Southern Pacific livery.
Scenarios 4 Standard/Career
Price £4.99
Directory Castlerock\GE 44 Ton
Link Steam logo Here!


All scenarios are for Donner Pass.

  • 44 Tonner on Track in Truckee - You will be assembling a cut here in Truckee for the local freight service to pick up later. All the cars in the area must be assembled to form 1 consist ready to be added to the local when it arrives.
  • Center Cab in Sparks - A few loads and empties need to be moved around the area. You may hold the main from the Sparks yard to Reno siding 3. Bring the loads back to Sparks yard and set them up for departure out of the area.
  • Cleaning Up at Colfax - Use the 44 ton switcher to assemble an outbound in Colfax. Remember that the caboose goes on the rear and the power to the front.

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