Gatwick Express
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Availability Discontinued
Features Full loco-hauled Gatwick Express rake
Scenarios 2
Price £12.99 + VAT
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From 1984 until 2005, Gatwick Express, the high-frequency express airport link from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport on the Brighton Main Line, used fixed-formation loco-hauled rakes. These were formed of a Class 73/2 leading, converted Mark 2F coaches, classed as 488s, and a Class 489 Gatwick Luggage Van (GLV). They were eventually retired in 2005 following replacement by Class 460s.

For Train Simulator, the Gatwick Express pack was developed by Iron Horse House and released through their website in mid-2012. As advertised, the Class 73 acts more like an EMU than the dual-voltage locomotive it really is, and as such only has one cab view. The soundset is reused from the Class 421/Class 422/Class 423 set of EMUs.


  • Full push-pull rake in initial privatisation livery (1994 - 2000)
  • Complete set of nameplates for the Class 73/2
  • Two scenarios for the London to Brighton line.
  • Weather and lighting effects to the then Train Simulator 2012 standard.
  • Operable windows on the Class 73/2 and 489.
  • Operable driver's blind on the Class 73/2

Rolling StockEdit

  • Class 73/2
  • Class 489 Gatwick Luggage Van (GLV)
  • Mark 2F Tourist Standard Open (TSO)
  • Mark 2F First Open (FO)