Hatchet Hill Quarry Route Add-On
Hatchet Hill Quarry Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features Class 04 in two liveries
Scenarios 7 Standard
Price £14.99
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The Hatchet Hill Quarryadd-on features a small fictional 5-mile route serving a small quarry with a Class 04 diesel shunter. The add-on was created by Oovee and published by RSC on Steam.


Hatchet Hill Quarry is a fictional 5-mile route serving a small quarry. The background for the route is that the Hatchet Hill branch line was closed in 1970, and with no other choice Mendip Aggregates Ltd purchased the line from British Railways in order to maintain their vital rail link with the mainline network in order to continue their supply and demand of ballast from Hatch Hill Quarry.

Mendip Aggregates Ltd also purchased two of the Class 04 shunting locomotives that had been slated for the cutters torch which then replaced their tired stock of shunting steam locomotives.

Rolling StockEdit


Class 04

  • BR Blue
  • Mendip Aggregates Ltd


  • Catfish hopper wagon