There are various helpful Tools for RailWorks developers.


Recommend for every RW-User!

  • duties: helps with scenario, route, repaint and model creation
  • edits game files without conversion
  • developer: Mike Simpson
  • price: donationware (min. $2 US), free trial
Mike's Utility Programs -
  • duties: helps with route creation, creates decals from Google Earth images
  • developer: Jim Nobbs
  • price: donationware (min. £3), free trial
  • duties: helps to set up terrain for a route (intended for USA)
  • developer: ZugWare
  • price: payware ($7.00 US), free trial
RW Merge Route
  • duties: combine existing routes together, good for team building
  • developer:
  • price: freeware
RW Scenario Manager
  • duties: management of save games for all scenarios and routes
  • developer:
  • price: donationware, free trial
  • duties: TrackIR support
  • developer: GPLShift
  • price: freeware


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