The InterCity 125 was the brand name for British Rail's fleet of High Speed Trains (HSTs) constructed from 1975 to 1982 and introduced into revenue-earning service in 1976. The InterCity 125 train is made up of two Class 43 power cars, with one at each end of a fixed formation of Mark III carriages, the number of which varies depending on need and operator.

Train Simulator 2012/European Loco & Asset PackEdit

For Train Simulator 2012 users and owners of the European Loco & Asset Pack, the HST uses the same model from Rail Simulator with audio modifications, and in comes in four different liveries:

  • Blue Grey
  • InterCity Swallow
  • First Great Western 'Barbie' -
  • First Great Western 'Dynamic Lines'

While none of these HSTs has a cab light, there are differences between the modern and British Rail variants; with the mdoern ones having a digital speedometer, modern notices and First Group branded paraphernalia. Only the two First Great Western liveries include a passenger view as well, which is located in the first class section of the restaurant/buffet car.

Edinburgh - GlasgowEdit

A unbranded East Coast grey

Riviera LineEdit

An updated version of the First Great Western 'Dynamic Lines' livery is inclucded with the Riviera Line.

InterCity Class 91 Loco Add-OnEdit

An updated version of the InterCity Swallow HST with a working cab light, improved textures, and higher detail passengers is included with the InterCity Class 91 Loco Add-On.