InterCity Class 91 Loco Add-On
Class 91 Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features InterCity 225 in InterCity Swallow

InterCity 125 in InterCity Swallow
Track workers and a Network Rail truck

Scenarios 2 Training
2 Standard/Career
Price £11.99
Directory RSC\Class91Addon
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An InterCity 225 set comprises a Class 91 electric locomotive, nine Mark IV coaches and a Mark IV Driving Van Trailer. They were built between 1988 — 1991.


For Train Simulator, the Class 91 was designed by DTG and released through Steam, with assistance in rolling stock audio from Ian Bishop.

The train is capable of speeds up to 140 miles-per-hour (225 kilometers-per-hour, indicating their envisaged top speed of 225 km/h) although the lack of in-cab signalling on the East Coast Main Line means they do not exceed 125 miles-per-hour in revenue earning service. Much of the engineering was derived from the research and operational experience of the APT-P project which was abandoned during the 1980s. The Class 91s were built by BREL Crewe while the coaching stock was built by GEC-Alsthom

They are used on the East Coast Mainline, operating services from London King's Cross to Leeds, Edinburgh Waverley, Glasgow Central, Skipton, Bradford Forster Square, Newark North Gate, York and Newcastle; although they do operate on a tiny sliver of the West Coast Main Line between Glasgow Central and Carstairs.

Rolling StockEdit


The DVT is usually at the London end of the train, e.g. closest to the buffers at King's Cross.
DVT + FO + FO + FOD + RSB + TSO+ TSO+ TSO + TSO + TSOE + 91


  • Class 91 in InterCity Swallow


  • Class 43 in InterCity Swallow (updated HST model)


  • Mark IV Trailer Standard Open End (TSOE) in InterCity Swallow
  • Mark IV Trailer Standard Open (TSO) in InterCity Swallow
  • Mark IV Trailer Standard Open Disabled (TSOD) in InterCity Swallow
  • Mark IV Restaurant Standard Buffet (RSB) in InterCity Swallow
  • Mark IV First Open Disabled (FOD) in InterCity Swallow
  • Mark IV First Open (FO) in InterCity Swallow
  • Mark IV Driving Van Trailer (DVT) in InterCity Swallow (drivable)

  • Mark III HST coaches in InterCity Swallow (updated HST model)


Simple & Expert Controls TutorialEdit

"You will learn about operating the class 91 using expert controls. The controls will be explained before you will be instructed to drive the train to King's Cross where you will make a passenger stop. Don't worry, everything will be explained at a comfortable pace."
— Scenario description.

[91] On Time AlterationEdit

"Drive a Class 91 to Kings Cross, making an out of schedule stop at Stevenage, catering for the passengers of a failed train. On the way to London, please make an out of schedule stop at Stevenage. Aim to arrive in the Capital at 09:10."
— Scenario description.

[91] Troublesome Trip to StevenageEdit

"Bad weather and a tight timetable conspire to compound this already hectic rush hour commute to Stevenage. Good evening driver. Today you'll be driving the Class 91 to Stevenage during rush hour. Try and stick to the schedule, but drive carefully due to the adverse weather."
— Scenario description.