The Israeli Loco & Asset Pack, refers to assets that will include as a core part of Train Simulator 2017, but not with any subsequent versions of Train Simulator.

Rolling Stock Edit

Steam Edit

  • LMS Stanier Class 8F

Diesel Edit

  • JT42BW
    • Red/White/Blue livery
    • Silver and Blue livery
  • EMD G12
    • Blue/White/Red livery
    • Silver and Blue livery
  • JT42CW
    • Yellow/Blue/Purple livery
  • Vossloh Euro 4000/3200
    • Red/Grey/Blue livery

Electric Edit

  • Bombardier TRAXX AC3
    • Red and White livery

Passenger Edit

  • Bombardier Double-deck Coach
    • IR Red
  • Alstom Modo
    • White livery
    • Blue and White livery
  • Siemens Viaggio Light
    • Blue and White livery
  • IC3
    • The same livery just like of Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada

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