Keeping Up with the Diesels Scenario (Free DLC)
Keeping Up with the Diesel Steam header
Availability Formerly available from Steam.
Scenarios One career scenario
Price Free

Keeping Up with the Diesels was a free add-on released on Steam for the East Coast Main Line route with one scenario, set around the last days of steam.

"It is 1967, nearing the end of the steam era. Diesels are being used more and more to haul coal out of Thrislington Quarry but the scheduled diesel locomotive has failed. Drive a Black 5 to transport a consist of coal to Tyne Yard then perform duties around Dunston Staithes. This last-minute change means you are still following the diesel timetable so do your best to keep on time with the deliveries. Keeping Up with the Diesels is a totally free scenario add-on for RailWorks and requires no other DLC content to play."
— Add-on description.