Name Image Developer Liveries Availability
Class 02 RSC BR Blue
BR Green
Class 02 Loco Add-On (discont.)
Class 03 RSC BR Blue
BR Green
Doncaster Works
WSR Diesels
Class 04 RSC BR Blue Hatchet Hill Quarry
Class 07 BR Blue Phorum Peninsula (discont.)
Class 08 BR Green

BR Green
BR Black
BR Blue
Blue Thornaby Depot
InterCity Swallow
Network SouthEast
Regional Railways / Provincial
Rail Express Systems
Railfreight Grey
Railfreight Red Stripe

BR Black
BR Blue (Marketplace)
BR Green (Marketplace)

Up the Junction (discont.)
Rail Simulator: Official Expansion Pack
Woodhead Line
EWS & Freightliner Class 08s
Class 09
Class 11
Class 12
Class 13
Class 14
Class 20 JT

BR Blue
BR Green
Class 22
Class 27 Iron Horse House

Dovetail Games
BR Blue
BR Green

BR Green
IHH Class 27 (discont.)

Class 27
Class 31
Class 33
Class 37
Class 40
Class 42
Class 47
Class 50
Class 52
Class 55
Class 60
Class 66
Class 67
Class 70
Class 101
Class 105
Class 111
Class 117
Class 121
Class 166
Class 170
Class 171

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