The Liverpool to Manchester route runs 40 miles between Liverpool Lime Street and Manchester Piccadilly in northern England.

Liverpool-Manchester Route Add-On
Liverpool-Manchester Route Add-On Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features 40 mile route between Liverpool Lime Street and Manchester Piccadilly
Class 158 in Regional Railways livery
Class 47 in Railfreight Grey
Scenarios 2 Training
6 Career
Price £24.99
Link Steam logo Here!


The line from Liverpool Lime Street to Manchester Piccadilly via Warrington Central is situated in the North-West of England and is the southern direct route between Liverpool and Manchester. The line was originally opened in 1873 by the Cheshire Lines Committee (CLC) and has a total distance of 35 miles. It originally operated from Liverpool Central High Level terminus station to Manchester Central terminus station. Services of Liverpool bound trains to Lime Street happened in 1966 and the closure of Manchester Central in 1969, with all trains subsequently running to Manchester Oxford Road and Manchester Piccadilly. Liverpool Central was demolished in 1973.

Despite the historical age of the route, the line's newest station is Liverpool South Parkway, which was opened in June 2006 at an estimated cost of £16 million. This cost was doubled to £32 million by the time the station was completed. The station has frequent bus links to Liverpool Airport. Warrington Central is situated halfway along the route and is one of two main stations that serve the town of Warrington. The other station is situated on the West Coast Main Line and connects London to Scotland.

Train SimulatorEdit

The route was developed by Dovetail Games and released through Steam on 14th August 2014. It features a reworked Class 158 in Regional Railways livery along with a Class 47 in Railfreight Grey.

The route is set in the modern day and has a total of 24 stations; including Manchester Piccadilly, Manchester Oxford Road, Warrington Central, Liverpool South Parkway, and Widnes.


All scenarios use the Class 158:


  • Training: Class 158 – Simple Controls - Learn to drive the Class 158 using simple controls.
  • Training: Class 158 – Expert Controls - Learn to drive the Class 158 using expert controls.


  • Express Service to Manchester -Drive the late morning weekday express from Liverpool to Manchester on a clear day.
  • Express to Liverpool - On a chilly winter evening, drive an express service out of Manchester Piccadilly to Liverpool Lime Street.
  • Match Day Madness - It is match day and special trains are scheduled every 20 minutes to the football ground. You are finishing a local service to Manchester where you have been called on as a relief service to the football ground.
  • Off to Warrington' - Starting at Liverpool this is a morning rush hour service calling at all stations to Warrington.
  • Storms Gather in Merseyside - Severe weather has been predicted and many services are facing delays. Your shift is nearly over. You need to drive a local service to Liverpool Lime Street stopping at all stations.
  • Waiting for Freight - You are driving a routine express passenger run from Manchester Oxford Road, however a slow running priority freight train could cause problems from Warrington.

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