Metro-North Kawasaki M8 EMU Add-On
Metro-North Kawasaki M8 EMU Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Scenarios 2 Training
2 Career
Price £11.99
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The M8 IS a dual voltage electric multiple unit which can run from 12.5kV AC overhead or 750V DCm third rail. It was designed and built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries to replace the fleet of ageing M2s, M4s and M6s used on the New Haven Line section of the Metro-North Railroad.


Train SimulatorEdit

For Train Simulator the M8 was developed and published by Dovetail Games through Steam. Dovetail Games also thanked Ricardo Rivera and C. Alexander Durgut for their contributions during development.


Destination Destination Destination Destination
A New York Penn N Mount Vernon West a Old Greenwich n Stratford
B Grand Central O Long Island b Stamford o Milford
C Harlem P Hunterspoint c Norton Heights p West Haven
D Yankees Q Woodside d Darien q New Haven
E Melrose R New Rochelle e Rowayton r New Haven State
F Tremont S Larchmont f South Norwalk s Glenbrook
G Fordham T Mararoneck g East Norwalk t Springdale
H Botanical Garden U Harrison h Westport u Talmadge Hill
I Williams Bridge V Rye i Greens Farms v New Canaan
J Woodlawn W Port Chester j Southport w Blank
K Mount Vernon East X Greenwich k Fairfield
L Pelham Y Cos Cob l Fairfield Metro
M Wakefield Z Riverside m Bridgeport


  • Simple Controls Tutorial: M8 Simple Controls - Learn how to drive the M8 by driving from Harlem to Fordham.
  • Simple Controls Tutorial: M8 Expert Controls - Learn how to drive the M8 by driving from Harlem to Fordham.
  • Grand Central Bound - Run a morning commuter service into the city battling poor weather conditions and increasing traffic levels.
  • Duration: 70 minutes
  • Stamford Local - Run a peak time service out of the city conveying commuters and shoppers at the end of a busy summer day.
  • Duration: 60 minutes

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