PRR Wagon Pack 01
Marketplace Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Features Six PRR wagons
Price £2.99

PRR Wagon Pack 01 is a wagon pack on the Marketplace containing a selection of 6 wagons themed around the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR). The rolling stock wears the PRR simplified Scheme. This scheme was the last PRR Scheme ever applied to these cars before the PC merger in 1968. This leads this pack to fit in nicely on the Horseshoe Curve route.

The stock was developed by and released through Steam on the Marketplace.

The wagons included are:

  • PRR Boxcar 50ft X58
  • PRR Hopper 100t
  • PRR Ore Gondola G39a
  • PRR Gondola 52ft Empty
  • PRR Gondola 52ft Lumber
  • PRR Cabin Car


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