Port Road Expansion Pack
Port Road Expansion Pack header
Availability Formerly available from Steam
Scenarios 4 Free-roam scenarios
Price Free


The 'Port Road' was the direct route between Dumfries and Stranraer Harbour via Castle Douglas and Newton Stewart. Construction began in 1856 between Dumfries and Castle Douglas, with the extension to Stranraer and Port Patrick being completed in the early 1860s. For the first 21 years services were operated by the Caledonian Railway, with the London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) then taking control until nationalization.

Operations on the Port Road included mixed goods and local passenger services, boat trains, and an express service between London Euston and Stranraer for ferry services to Ireland, which became known as the 'Northern Irishman' or the 'Paddy'. Despite serving these many purposes, the line was closed (along with many other British branch lines) as part of the Beeching closures on 14 June 1965.

Train SimulatorEdit

The RailWorks Port Road expansion pack, accurately recreated by Keith Ross (developer of the WCML North route) with some truly stunning landscapes, represents the line from Dumfries to Castle Douglas and Kirkcudbright in its final few months with Black 5 steam locomotives providing much of the motive power, and with diesel traction just being introduced.

The route was removed from Steam and an updated version with all new rolling stock, assets, scenarios, and upgrades was released under the name Western Lines of Scotland.

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