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Portland Terminal is a small switching route set in the historic and picturesque city of Portland, Maine. The developer considers it a "what if" prototypical route, for example Union Station and the roundhouse and turntable at Rigby yard haven't been demolished.


The Portland Terminal Company (PTM) was formed in 1911 and for 70 years it provided all switching operations in and around the port of Portland. PTM also served as the junction of three regional railroads: Maine Central, Boston & Maine and Grand Trunk. Beginning in 1981, most of the smaller US railroads were merged into larger ones or were snapped up by holding companies. One of the latter, Guilford Transportation Industries (GTI), acquired several of the New England regionals including the Maine Central, the Boston & Maine, as well as PTM itself.

In 2006 the company renamed itself Pan Am Railways (PAR), having acquired rights to the name and logos of the defunct airline. The Grand Trunk Railway of Canada also served the northeast part of the city. Today that trackage is owned and operated by the Saint Lawrence and Atlantic, a short-line subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming Inc.

Portland Terminal includes Rigby Yard which is over 1-1/2 miles long and has over 40 parallel ladder tracks. There are numerous industrial spurs throughout the area serving distribution warehouses, intermodal facilities, other miscellaneous industries, and of course the oil terminals along the Fore River

Train SimulatorEdit

The route was developed by Rick Grout of G-Trax Simulations with help from Michael Stephan, Dick Cowen, Barry Munro, Björn Centergran, Shawn Kelley, Jim Friedland, as well as John Lippai and Karen Bairstow.

The route was published by through Steam on 25th March 2011.

Rolling StockEdit

The route comes with 3 GP40s, one in Maine Central livery, one in Guilford Transportation Industries livery, and one in Pan Am railways livery. Two other locos are an SD40 in Pan Am livery, and an E7 in Boston and Maine livery



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