You are getting SBHH everytime you want to drive a train? You modified one of the default routes and messed something up? Are there sounds missing on one of the trains? Or in general: something is wrong with your Railworks installation?

Then it's time to check your installation and repair whatever goes wrong. However there are two things you need to know in advance: if you modified any of the default files - be it manually or through an addon like the soundpacks from Armstrong Powerhouse - these changes will be gone afterwards! In case of the soundpacks you can just reinstall them, if you did something yourself to the files make a backup and copy it back afterwards - at least if they are not the ones which caused you the trouble in first place. The second thing is: Steam will only touch files it knows about. So that is the core Railworks installation and any addon bought on Steam. All your freeware addons as well as other 3rd party stuff, basically everything you installed through the package manager stays as it was before.

So let's start, as you see on the above picture I've selected RW in my games list and made a right click on it's entry. Select properties and this window will open. Browse to the local files tab and hit the button "Verify Integrity of game cache". It will check all your default files and addons for any modified versions and redownload them from the Steam servers. This can take a while depending on how much addons you bought on Steam. It will usually report back a handful of files, regardless if everything is okay or not. And by experience it is necessary to run this process at least twice to really repair all files. Don't ask why, but most of the time it does find other and more files on the second run.

Should you wish to reinstall Railworks you can also do that from this window. Hit the second button "delete local game content" and Steam will wipe out RW from your harddrive, right? Well it does, but only the files it knows about. So if you installed any freeware or 3rd party addon these will stay on your harddrive (and should work again if you install RW). You have to delete those by hand in the Steam directory which is located by default at: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\railworks - or wherever you installed Steam to, in my case it is under D:\Games\Steam\...