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Don't we all like this very specific error message? Well I guess not. It has so much reasons for it to appear, that maybe we can put a list together whenever it has occured to you. Not that it helps, but if anyone spots a thing and has a solution for it: make a link out of it and create a new page with it!

  • moving a loco in the scenario editor over several junctions
  • spontaneously / randomly
  • connecting a road / vehicle path in a circle
  • loading a scenario with rolling stock not installed
  • selecting a consist
  • loading a loco/wagon
  • saving then testing a scenario
  • loading a route to play the scenarios
  • making a train driveable
  • going to world editer via during scenario
  • exiting a scenairo
  • selecting one of main menu text
  • ...

just add your own experiences