South London to Brighton
Availability Currently available on Steam Workshop
Features Links London to Brighton with South London Network
Price Free
Link Steam logo Here!

South London to Brighton is a Steam Workshop route created by Danny Leach (atomicdanny) that combines London - Brighton with South London Network, as well as modifying elements of the London to Brighton section for a consistent feel and quality.This route also includes the additional sections of Hove and Reigate which previously did not have scenery.

The requirements are that one has the London to Brighton and South London Network add-ons.


Updates to the London to Brighton section:

  • Replaced older Train Simulator passengers with updated TS14 models and TS15 animations.
  • Changed Track and Track Rule to South London Network (for Scenario reasons)
  • Changed the third rail to South London Network's model
  • Changed vegetation to South London Network (to avoid having two different route styles for aesthetic consistency)
  • TS14 Platform Lofts with updated boundaries
  • TS15 Road Lofts
  • Collision boxes added to all stations
  • Rain and Tunnel Occlusions added to all stations
  • Updated Merstham cutting to look better. (Embankment assets to hide jagged terrain)
  • Minor fixes all along the route to improve minor bits.
  • Added disabled ramps to all stations (where appropriate)
  • Removal of distant asset block houses where appropriate )
  • Added more Portals to the route
  • In update 1.1: Added missing crossovers north and south of Earlswood (with signalling] and speed signs)
  • Update 1.2 - Finished Quickdrives (and added missing third rail on above crossover!) 
  • Update 1.21 - Fixed Quickdrives due to them being uploaded and not appearing (not sure why) 
  • Update 1.3 - Minor fixes to track directionality, missing AWS ramps between Herne Hill and Tulse Hill, and added Hove Station area.
  • Update 1.4 - Now includes Reigate, with thanks to Richard Mills who did the section (with minor tweaks and tidying by myself - changing assets to South London Versions) and Requested - Added additional portals for those that wanted to import London - Brighton scenarios, so if in doubt use the portals labelled "Portal" :) 
  • Update 1.5 - Adds minor fixes to signals and aws ramps around Sanderstead, and terrain around Horsham portal (requested) 
  • Update 1.6 - Added AWS and TPWS to the Waterloo lines and Lines to and from West London Line (only as far as the end of international junction), Added Missing signals on International Junction (and AWS Ramps too!) and Changed Speed Limits at Clapham Junction P1 and 2 (with buffer light)

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