TEA Bogie Tank Wagon Pack RailWorks Add-on
TEA Bogie Tank Wagon Pack RailWorks Add-on Steam header
Availability Discontinued
Scenarios 4 Standard
1 Free roam
Price £4.99

TEA Bogie Tank wagons are petroleum tankers introduced to the British freight network in 2006. When fully loaded, these tanks can weigh up to 101.6 tonnes each, which means in an average train of 30 tanks in a consist, a train can weigh over 3,000 tonnes. UK Freight Operating Company DB Schenker has launched 36 TEA Bogie Tank wagons in one train set, which adds an additional 447 tonnes of fuel per train movement. With such weight and length behind a train the driver must be skilled and patient in order to make a successful delivery.

TEA Bogie Tank Red

For Train Simulator the TEA Bogie Tank Wagon Pack was developed by Oovee Entertainment and published with RSC through Steam with scenarios for the Great Western Main Line and Hedborough North routes. While the pack itself is unavailable, the TEA wagons are still available as part of the Class 70 add-on.

The wagons themselves features custom sounds (including brake release sounds from each tank), realistic weights & braking, and a flashing rear tail light.

Rolling StockEdit

  • TEA Bogie Tank Wagons (loaded and unload variants, 3 different weathering effects per wagon)
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Grey
    • Black
    • Grey/White


  • 6B33 Theale - Robeston - You join the 6B33 at Reading from Theale and continue heading west to Robeston. Your journey will stop and Didcot where another drive will continue the shift.
  • 6A11 Robeston - Theale - You join the 6A11 at Didcot. The Berks and Hants line is shut due to engineering works so this train has to come via Didcot and Reading instead.
  • Repairs required - Starting at Hedborough depot you are called out to collect a number of TEA wagons that require some repairs. There is a twist; these TEA wagons are already in a consist so you are required to find them then take them back to the depot.
  • Tea or Fuel? -During your lunch break you are asked to take the next fuel consignment to the mainline where another driver will take the train north for delivery.
  • Free roam: TEA Bogie Tanks - Click a train and explore the route.